Accounting and Finance

Companies that qualify for Audit Exemption are still required to prepare Full Financial Statement including Notes to Accounts and must be accompanied by Directors Report and Statement of Directors.


Compilation Reports may be required for filing of tax returns to IRAS

Companies Need to Appoint Accounting Services for the following:

  • Companies must maintain proper accounting records

  • Know the financial health of the business with well prepared Financial Statements

  • Better control over business’ cash flow with Ageing reports

  • Table ready-made financial statements & reports for Annual General Meeting or Monthly Board Meetings

  • Timely and accurate Annual Filing

  • Digitized financial data makes auditing easy

We assist in the following services :

  • Set up Computerized Accounting Systems and have partnered with Xero.

  • Maintain full set of accounts on monthly or yearly basis (including Management Reports and Supporting Schedules)

  • Prepare Compilation Report for Filing of Annual Return  with ACRA  and Tax Returns with IRAS

6 ways to be Finance Ready

Track Your Expenses

Your Entrepreneurial journey starts before you incorporate your company. Have a discipline of tracking your expense.

Set Up An Accounting System

This is not as complicated as you think. At Triple A, we use Xero - Cloud based apps- that makes this process very easy and intuitive. You can also engage our firm to review your books every month.

Figure Out Your Compliance

Knowing your company's compliance requirements is very important and critical. Compliance can range from any matter relating to filing your AGM AR, ECI and Corporate Tax, Goods & Service Tax depending on basic size of your company or sector. You can ignore these only at your peril.

Build Up A Financial Model

You need to know when you will run out of cash. Build up a financial forecast model to capture your income, expenses and your targets for the year. Cash-flow forecast is as critical as your product or service you are creating.

Set Up A Payroll System

Tracking your employee payouts and managing their time sheets is as important as getting work from your employees. At Triple A we use Xero to track employee payments.

Organise Due Diligence Files

Always organise your due diligence files for quick reference. Investments will go smoothly when materials are ready for due diligence.